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Buy Edibles Online Canada

Welcome to HopTheLine’s selection of edibles that are available to purchase for Canadians. We’ve searched far and wide in order to bring our customers and impressive selection of treats that suit your fancy.

Why Buy Edibles?

Edibles are a great alternative to smoking cannabis because many Canadians do not like the feeling of smoking, or aren’t medically able to inhale smoke.

Also, edibles pack a big punch due to their absorption occurring in the intestinal tract, followed by the liver. In this breakdown, the longer metabolization period allows for THC to be in higher concentrations, creating an intense high throughout the user’s body.

What Dose Should I Take?

As with smoking or vaping weed, you should start off with smaller doses before you find your tolerance levels. An edible high is much stronger and caution should be exercised.

We recommend starting with less than 10mg of an edible dose in order to determine the right dose for you. This may mean breaking up a candy, chocolate, cookie, etc. into smaller pieces. Please wait 30 minutes for the effects to kick in.