• August 22, 2019
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Bienvenue fellow shoppers from the beautiful province of Quebec. We are happy that you have found our online store by searching how to buy weeds online.

We are extremely happy to tell you about two options of cannabis that we sell.

Weed You Can Buy on our Site

If you are looking for the best medical marijuana in Quebec, we have the best quality and the strongest medical quality. Of course, while it is medical quality, casual users can still enjoy these incredible effects. This means that rather than growing large amounts of weed to make a quick profit, our growers have tremendous amounts of experience and can grow higher quality strains than the competition. You will absolutely love our product.

On our website, you can also buy very cheap ounces that we’ve named our $99 ounce specials. That’s just over $3 per gram! And unlike other websites, these cheaper oz’s are still great to enjoy. Maybe even better than some of the higher priced ounces sold on other websites.

Whether you are looking for the best quality, or whether you’re looking for the best deal, shopping at HopTheLine is the best decision you can make.

Shipping to Quebec

We ship all of our high quality flower using XpressPost. Customers residing in highly populated Quebec cities like Montreal, Quebec City, Laval, and any other city that has a Canada Post sorting facility, will usually receive packages in 2 business days after it has been sent out. For some, shipping can take 3 business days in smaller cities.

The ability to get packages out so quickly to our valued customers has allowed us to serve so many of our great Québécois friends.

How to Pay for Weeds Online

Like all online retailers, the safest form of payment for customers and stores is to utilize the very popular, Interac E-Transfer payment method.

All major Canadian banks, and most credit unions, support this method of payment. Canadians can transfer money from their online banking to a user’s email, and they will receive the money.

Nothing on your bank statement will mention what you are buying so you can rest easy that your privacy is better guarded than other payment methods.

For more information, you can visit our page on how to pay for weed online.

If you have any questions regarding how to buy weed online in Quebec with Interac E-Transfer, please reach out to us on our contact page.

Other Items We Sell

In addition to some of the best marijuana, our users can enjoy other products as well.

We have an edibles category where you can enjoy a variety of treats, and we also sell vapes that allow you to consume cannabis oil in its purest form.

Be sure to check out our newest edibles from Herbivores Edibles which are becoming a fan favourite of our customers.

If you don’t like rolling your own weed, we also sell pre-rolls to make your life easier.

User Reviews

If you’d like to hear what other users have to say about our services, please read some of the reviews posted on Reddit.

We proudly stand behind the strains we offer and are happy that our customers always come back for the level of quality we provide.

If you’re interested in ordering great weed products in Quebec, our online prices are some of the best and we’d love for you to join us on the shop page.

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